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Home > Maldives > Male > Royal Island Resort & Spa

Address: Horubadhoo Baa Atoll 2073
Category: 5 Star
General Description: Bringing you a magical holiday experience in a tropical splendour, the Royal Island Resort and Spa is a paradise in the heart of the Indian Ocean. Be surrounded by beautiful Banyan trees and lush green shrubs, close your eyes and dream away.<p><b>Location</b><br />The Royal Island Resort and Spa is located in Baa atoll, 75 kilometres North West of Male. The property enjoys a beautiful island setting, surrounded by a crystal clear blue lagoon encompassing spectacular tropical marine life. A smooth journey by seaplane from the main airport to Baa Atoll will also bring you to this awesome property.</p> <p><b>Rooms</b><br />Amidst this tropical paradise you will find classically designed superior quality beach villas. Each villa is excellently equipped with modern facilities for your comfort and relaxation.</p> <p><b>Restaurant</b><br />The Royal Island Resort and Spa creates a dining ambience to suit your every mood. From international fare, traditional Maldivian specialties to haute cuisine, the variety of dining venues offers an array of choices.</p> <p><b>General</b><br />Pamper yourself with an uplifting massage or release your stress with a nourishing swim in the lovely pool area. Whether you decide to take off behind a fast boat for some wild water-skiing, surf the waves or windsurf in the warm waters, The Royal Island Resort and Spa's water sports centre has everything you need for a fun-filled holiday.</p>
Hotel Amenities: Restaurant, Swimming Pool, Cocktail bar, Massage, Spa
Room Amenities: Private bathroom / Ensuite, Telephone
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